Week 4 - Last week of the academic year

This weeks trip to the farm was more traumatic for the staff than it was the pupils.

Monday morning ....only one pupil arrives so Larissa walks them up to the farm in the rain and fog, Gemma waits to see if anyone else turns up. They dont. As she walks up, cows descend and frantically calls the…

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The farm in multi media

After spending some time at the farm, the pupils in Winter completed an art project of their memories from the farm experience.

The project uses different materials and textures to show the difference in objects and animals in nature.

This piece of work is now up for all to see in the dining…

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Week 3-Brighter and busier.

This week was a busy one.

The first groups of pupils helped clean out the guinea pigs and made them a new bed, unfortunately they also found a baby swallow that had tried its first flight over the weekend but wasn't strong enough, over at Forest School they also found a baby mole that had tried…

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Week 2 - Same farm, very different weather

This week at Harwes Farms saw a very different type of weather.....

On Monday our one and only tried his hardest to get a fire to stay alight but it was all in vain. Even legendary fire starter (all safe of course) Gemma couldn't keep it going, it was a little bit wet. He did feed the Herbie…

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Day 2 - Same farm, different group

Today saw the return of  2 more pupils to Harwes farm.

Instead of going to Forest School, today we stayed by the farm house and helped to plant some pumpkins. Hopefully they will grow in time for pumpkin carving in October. That's if the hens don't eat the seeds again.

This was a bit of a…

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Day 1 - Back at the Farm

Today Oswaldtwistle School went back to Harwes Farm in Colne.

Before lockdown Gemma and Bernadette used to take a group of KS3 pupils to the farms to learn about and work with the animals living on the land, they also had opportunity to help with fencing, planting and learn new skills at the…

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