Oswaldtwistle is an inclusive school where students have equal opportunities to fulfill their full potential in all aspects of their development, regardless of their type of additional need. 

The Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) team comprises staff with a wide collection of skills and knowledge. We have a fully qualified Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO). The SENCO reports to the Head teacher.  We have a collaborative approach to SEND and work in close liaison and partnership with parents and with many agencies.

A SEN training cycle is in place for the academic year for our staff delivered in a variety of ways including bulletins, training sessions (known as twilights), e-mails, guest speakers, and task orientated training.   Appropriate staff can attend external training for example so far this year nurture training, Autism, and mental health training are planned.

All students are assessed during their induction and we do have a SEND student priority list.   We follow the SEND graduated response; this is to determine if we should apply to the Local Education Authority (LEA) for a statutory assessment of needs.  All students have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and this profile with strategies and targets are issued to teachers and teaching assistants who work with students. 

Equal opportunities are provided to fulfill student’s potential in all aspects of their development.  The team works to devise individualised packages according to students’ needs. 

The team delivers advice to teachers on accessing and delivering the curriculum; differentiating work as appropriate.  Students are supported with differentiated work and teaching assistant support where appropriate to aim for the best possible outcomes.

School SENCO - Ms S. Gregory - stacey.gregory@oswaldtwistle.org

SEN Information

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