Instructions for Pupils and Parents



Instructions for Pupils and Parents


Blended Learning

As a school we are trying to enhance our support to students, if they need to self-isolate, perhaps a whole group of students needing to isolate or in the worst-case scenario the whole school has to close for a period of time again.

We are developing supporting student’s learning beyond the classroom. Which has become increasingly important as students may have fallen behind during the last few months.

This type of learning is known as “Blended Learning” because it blends traditional school-based learning with out of school learning with the aim of improving the overall education outcomes of our students.

Earlier this year we developed our on-line learning platform using ‘Microsoft Teams’ to set and mark work for students, parents and staff as a form of face to face communication to support with studies and also general well-being.

We plan to keep ‘Teams’ running but will move towards a different platform called BeReady for the setting and marking of work for students.

To start with our staff will set a small amount of work to be completed at home on a Friday afternoon. (this is why they are being allowed to go home early as we put this in place between 1pm and 2pm)

We are encouraging students to practice and participate in blended learning. This type of learning may become increasingly important as we move from the current pandemic crisis.

For students who do not have access to the internet at home work will be available on paper.

Blended learning will be linked to school’s behaviour system.

If a student has too many negative behaviour consequences within the space of a week then they will not be allowed to go home early on Friday, and will be expected to complete their blended learning work in school.

Students will then have to make their own way home at 2:15. Taxis WILL not be changed.

Your continued support for school and your child is appreciated. As always please don’t hesitate to contact school for assistance or advice.

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