Oswaldtwistle School Staff

Leadership Team

Mrs S. McKenna - Headteacher (Deputy DSL)

Mr P. Bridge - Deputy Headteacher – Operational Lead/Pastoral Lead

Ms A. Ashton – Assistant Headteacher – Lead for Quality of Education/Teacher of Maths

Mrs K. Stevenson - School Business Manager

Mrs A. Corns – DSL and Admissions Lead


Teaching Staff

Ms S. Gregory – SENCO/Senior Mental Health Lead/Teacher of BTEC Health and Social Care.

Mr J. Doran – Lead for Technology/Teacher of STEM, BTEC Co-ordinator/Evolve Lead/IT Co-ordinator.

Miss L. Amin – Lead for Curriculum for Life (PSHCE)/Lead for whole school PD (excluding Careers)/ Deputy DSL.

Mrs A Mohammed – Joint Lead for English and whole school Literacy

Ms A. Bannister – Joint Lead for English and whole school Literacy/Teacher of Humanities.

Ms S. Parr – Lead for Maths and whole school Numeracy/Data Manager

Ms L. Palmieri – Lead for Science and whole school STEM/ Teacher of Science/STEM

Ms K. Watkinson – Lead for Art/Short-Term Intervention Co-ordinator

Mrs B. McMullen – Nurture Lead/KS3 Teacher

Mr M. Todd – Lead for PE/Outdoor Ed/Teacher of Maths

Ms K. Adams – High Support/Nurture Teacher/Mental Health First Aider (P/T Mon/Tues)

Teaching Assistants


Mrs G. Cook – Induction Lead/Outreach Intervention and Mainstream Reintegration Lead/TA Coordinator.

Mrs A. Summerscales – Medical Provision Co-ordinator/Senior Mental Health Lead.


Miss K. Emmett – General TA/SENCO and Literacy Support Assistant (P/T Mon – Thursday)

Mr M. Yasin – General TA

Ms L. Jameson – General TA



Mr M. Haworth - General TA

Miss H. Khan - General TA


Pupil Support Team

Mr G. Reed – Pupil Support Manager - Behaviour Team Leader

Ms J. Padden – Pupil Support - Behaviour Team and Learning Mentor

Mr D. Fee – Pupil Support - Behaviour Team and Learning Mentor/Careers Lead

Mrs J. Scott – Pupil Support - Attendance Lead/Learning Mentor

Ms R. Whyte – Emotional Literacy Support Assistant/Teaching Assistant L3/ BTEC Teacher- Caring for Children. (P/T – Tues/Wed/Thu)

Mrs A. Catlow – SEMH Mentor/Teaching Assistant L3/Mental Health First Aider (P/T – Mon, Tue and Fri)


Office/Administration Assistants

Miss A. Hardie – Exams Officer/School Administrator

Ms S. Downing - School Administrator


Support Staff

Mrs J. Barker-Rourke - Site Supervisors (P/T)

Ms J. Shove – Site Supervisor (P/T)


Contract Staff

Mr B. Holmes – School Cleaner

Miss N. Dady – Kitchen Manager