Work Experience

Owsaldtwistle School places a high emphasis on the importance of work experience, and we try to ensure all Year 11 students get at least one placement either in their final year or during year 10. We work closely with Education Business Partnership, who are a locally based company, to source high quality work experience placements for our students. We try to match the needs and preferences of our students as closely as possible to relevant opportunities. Risk assessments, site visits and insurance checks are carried out prior to placements commencing. If necessary students will be accompanied to visit the place of work before starting the placement, and if appropriate, on their initial start day. Any necessary personal protective clothing or foot ware will be supplied by school. The placement will normally be for one week. However, if necessary to meet the individual needs of our students, placements may be for longer periods of time. We try to encourage students to organise their own travel arrangements, using public transport, however if appropriate help with travel can be provided.

Many previous students have successfully used their work experience placement as a stepping stone to an apprenticeship or job offer, often within the same organisation.