Pupil Premium 2018-19: Whole School and Individual

In June 2018 72.5% of our students are entitled to Pupil Premium funding, either as Children Looked After or through Free School Meals. The estimated allocated budget for 2017/18 school year based on the number of PP pupils on roll at the May census is £70905 ( divided by 3 = £23635 per term). This will need to be re-determined in the October and January census. Calculating Pupil Premium funding is more complex in a PRU than in a mainstream school due to constant student movements. Below is a current plan which will be reviewed each term.


Pupil Premium Information

What is Pupil Premium?

The pupil premium is additional funding given to publicly funded schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and close the gap between them and their peers.

The pupils in this group include all children who have been eligible for free school meals at any point in the past 6 years and children who have been looked after for 6 months or longer.  


How do we decide where the money is spent?

Our guiding principle is to direct the pupil premium funding towards initiatives that will have the greatest impact on achievement. The use of data, on academic performance as well as possible barriers to learning such as attendance, homework, equipment and behaviour, will continue to steer the allocation of funding.

Targeted interventions and support are based on a needs analysis which has helped identify priority classes, groups or individuals. Teachers are also able to apply for funds to help students both in and outside of lessons.

After each academic year an evaluation of the cost effectiveness, in terms of impact upon pupils’ academic performance is carried out to ensure efficient use of pupil premium funding. 


Our aim is that:

The proportion of pupil premium pupils, who make expected progress, in the core subjects of English and Mathematics, matches that of their peers

And whilst at school we will look to ensure these pupils have:

• An improvement in their attendance/punctuality.

• An increased enjoyment/engagement of the school curriculum.

• An increased participation in a range of extra-curricular activities, clubs, trips etc.

• Well informed parents/carers able to support their child’s progress at school  


Pupil Premium Allocation

Actual Pupil Premium Funding 2016/17     ..£41184..............

Actual Pupil Premium Funding 2017/18      ..£84,145............

Estimated Pupil Premium Funding 2018/19 .....£70,450........



Intervention or Support 


 Impact and Outcomes to support PPG Students


SEN – Quality First Training/ Barriers to Learning by Alexis Doyle

Pragmatic Language – Zoe Owen E.P.

SCAYT – Attachment THEORY

Half day Specialist Teacher Time (£275) per session

4x£275 = £1100

Increased staff confidence and awareness to aid lesson planning and ensure students with literacy difficulties can access lesson content as well as developing and practising literacy skills across the curriculum






Sam Learning

£2050 per year for all staff to access to targeted pupils 

Targeted Intervention for students on a bespoke provision, focusing on developing literacy and numeracy skills – in addition to be used during fixed term exclusions in order that students do not have gaps in their learning





Literacy intervention with specialist English teacher/ staff working on identified areas of weakness with target students

Additional teacher/ T.A. time – Dockside programme – High Interest Reading scheme for young people with low levels of literacy. £275 year

0.2 Teacher time a week = £ 175 per week x 39 weeks 

One to one intervention to enable teacher to work with identified students on specific areas of difficulty










Healthy Lifestyles Mentor programme Tyson’s gym for students at risk from smoking and other substance misuse

Mentor time/ mini bus and 

Gym costs totalling £4000

Increased self-esteem and self-respect, awareness and adoption of more healthy lifestyles. Reduction in smoking and use of illegal substances. Reduction in bizarre and aggressive behaviour associated with use of illegal substances and greater ability to engage in learning












Targeted mentor intervention and support programme following induction to school focussing on identified areas for individual students

Learning Mentor time £25000

Early identification and addressing of issues through discussion and target setting/ support for permanently excluded students and students at Oswaldtwistle school who are here on Intervention or in the Medical Unit at The Heys. Sessions to include Self-esteem/confidence building, building resilience ,Mindfulness, Anger Management, Bereavement counselling, consequences of actions etc










Attendance Improvement Worker 2 days p/w, follow up and family liaison to improve the attendance of persistent absentees

AIW costs

£140x2=280 per week 

X 39 weeks =  10920

Student and family support to improve attendance for persistent absentees



Additional Educational Psychologist time to assess, inform and recommend in relation to possible ‘fast track’ EHCP requests for students who are identified as requiring that

EP cost/time

Easter 2018 to Summer 2018 = £2200

SENCO Easter 2018 to Summer 2018 = £2200

EP assessment information ensures students’ needs are more effectively identified and met or EHC Plan provides additional funding or a more appropriate placement such as Special school





Year 11 vocational college placement for students identified as likely to benefit from a different and more vocational learning environment.

Top up to bridge gap between School funding and college place cost and any specialist clothing ie PPE

Identified students successfully engage with college provision, gain accreditation at the appropriate level and move on to a further college place post 16






Additional Teacher/TA time for High Support one to one provision to support student behaviour improvement ( Civic Centre)

Cost of Teacher/TA £125 day 5 days a week = £625 39 weeks a year


Students requiring high levels of support to help  manage their behaviour access learning off site or outside the school day for a period of time and focus on their behavioural targets and engage in 1:1 learning to meet their individual needs






Use of PPG to provide school uniform where lack of this is a barrier to learning

Uniform costs £500 in school budget for this academic year

Pupil Premium students receive support to ensure they wear full school uniform and to help with students re-integrating into a mainstream school




 Behaviour Watch Behaviour Management system

£3500 per year

Behaviour Management system to monitor behaviour per sub-group in school to enable specific interventions to be put into place




Harwes Farm Colne for KS3 students

£4000 per year

Personal development Project through SEAL for KS3 students – AQA qualifications



Outdoor Education for KS3 and 4 students

J.D. costing this

To build confidence and improve social skills, improve communication, motivation and boost physical skills, knowledge and understanding.

Not known as yet


£150 per 2 hour session

For students who for behaviour or medical reasons cannot access the main site or medical provision

Not known as yet

The estimated allocated budget for 2017/18 school year based on the number of PP pupils on roll at the May census is £70,905 ( divided by 3 = £23635 per term).

Total PPG spend for 2017-18 






Student Provision


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