Introduction to Careers

Your future career will have a huge impact on your life. It will decide where you live, whether you decide to start your own family, what kind of house you live in, what car you drive (and if you drive), whether you can go on holiday – decisions around your career choice are very important, and the staff at The Oswaldtwistle School are here to help you with these decisions.
It’s not easy to decide, especially when you are a young person. Again, we are here to help, through the subject curriculum, enrichment activities and interviews with our Careers team.
If you are a parent, guardian or carer and you would like to speak to the Careers team to discuss your son or daughter’s career options, please do get in touch, by calling the school or emailing our Careers Officer, Mr. Ainsworth, at

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At The Oswaldtwistle School, we have a dedicated member of staff, qualified in careers advice, who is responsible for Career Guidance provision and related activities within the school.


Each student in Key Stage 3 is entitled to an impartial Advice and Guidance interview where they can explore any plans for future career progression or develop their ideas and identify a career path if they don’t possess any plans at the time.


Sometimes students may require more than one Advice and Guidance interview and this can be arranged as and when needed.


Each interview results in a clear, informative Action Plan, recording key information, any relevant goals and targets and actions to take on behalf of the student and/or staff.


If you wish to speak to us regarding the Career Guidance provision in school, please speak to the relevant member of staff, Mr. Ainsworth, who is available on extension 12800 or email



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