Citizenship education at Oswaldtwistle School is an integral part of school life, both inside and outside the classroom.   We strongly believe that a quality Citizenship education encourages our young people to take an interest in topical and controversial issues, and empowers them to be informed, critical and active citizens who have the confidence to engage in wider society.

At Key Stage 3, our Citizenship curriculum is taught for one 45 minute lesson per week. Lessons equip students with skills and understanding about a range of concepts and issues including:

·   diversity and multiculturalism;

·   democracies and dictatorships;

·   human rights and child soldiers;

·   criminal behaviour and punishment;

·   the role of government and local councils.

We also offer students the opportunity to build upon their learning in Key Stage 3 by taking the full course GCSE Citizenship (AQA Citizenship Studies) at Key Stage 4, during one academic year which expands upon prior knowledge and skills in areas including:

·   human rights and responsibilities;

·   law and  criminal justice;

·   elections and referendums;

·   political parties and the political process;

·   the role of the media and active citizenship.

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